Top 5 Farm Equipment Purchasing Trends for 2016

A recent survey of North American growers shows that many are planning to keep their 2016 farm equipment budget the same as last year. Those who plan to increase their equipment budget are primarily looking to spend more on tractors.

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Put these Useful Farm Tools to Work

Discovering products that fill unique niches, or serve specific and important uses around the farm.

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Know Your Spray Nozzle Vocabulary

With new, more sensitive, crop protection products coming to market; and your need to get the right product where it belongs, nozzle knowledge pays.

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Regular Maintenance Means Payback at Trade-in

Producers looking to get the most out of their equipment at trade-in time can often be rewarded by paying attention to regular maintenance and equipment upkeep.

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TL Cartoon

Tractor Life On The Funny Farm: A Cartoon Caption Contest

We draw the cartoons. You write the appropriate, light-hearted captions.

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