Greetings from the 2015 Agritechnica show


I have the privilege of being able to be a part of the world’s largest agricultural show, held every other year. And, after just one day of walking around the massive show grounds, I have the tired legs to prove just how big this show is.

There’s plenty to see, and I will be providing some links to several photo galleries that I’m helping to produce with the help of Farm Industry News. In the meantime, I wanted to share an interesting tidbit that I heard during one of our many press meetings during the first day of the show.

We were meeting with a major engine manufacturer and talking about a new engine that’s being unveiled at the show, and we got into a wide-ranging conversation about new technologies that are coming to the engine market.

On the subject of fuel economy, we were discussing how new software can help producers become more efficient. But it’s not in the way you would think. In fact, fuel efficiency of an engine is far down on the list when it comes to the factors that figure into overall fuel efficiency.

What’s the number one way to make equipment be more fuel efficient? Be a better operator. How an operator runs a particular piece of equipment is the leading driver of fuel efficiency in a vehicle.

The key takeaway is that while software can help an operator run equipment more efficiently, if you want to boost fuel efficiency, take a look at who is behind the controls and how they are operating the vehicle. You don’t necessarily need software to make those fixes.

Interesting food for thought.

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