A very useful chart of the most fuel-efficient tractors


If you’re in the market for a new tractor, and want to know how it rates on fuel, have I got the list for you. The folks at Farm Industry News are unveiling the top 40 most fuel-efficient tractors, and it’s definitely worth a review.

You don’t have to look any further than this fall’s harvest to know that this year’s fuel bills will be higher, and tractor makers indicate that fuel efficiency is starting to work its way into the final buying decision.

And no wonder. According to the article, the folks at the Nebraska Test Lab say an additional 1 hp-hr./gal can mean a $1,300 difference in fuel costs over the course of a year. That’s no small potatoes, and really points to the fuel savings that could be gained if you’re operating a less-efficient tractor.

Rating tractors on fuel efficiency is a rather complicated process, since tractors are rated on performance rather than miles traveled (like a car). But like most ratings and lists, it allows you to compare and make more informed decisions.

So how was your diesel bill this harvest? Are you thinking of trading for a more fuel-efficient tractor?