Does Your Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Really Meet OEM Credentials?


Low quality tractor hydraulic fluids don’t meet current OEM credentials and performance claims, but their labels say they do. Worse, lubricants that can’t meet valid OEM specs may mislead you by advertising only obsolete and outdated OEM credentials such as J20A and 303.  And that has made it hard to select lubricants you can trust.  Now, the Authenticated mark makes it easy.

Fluids endorsed by this mark meet and often exceed OEM credentials, providing you optimal protection against wear, rust, oxidation, brake chatter, extreme temperatures and, ultimately, premature equipment failure.

These fine brands have earned the Authenticated mark:

logo-allied logo-cen-pe-co logo-co-op logo-d-a-lubricant
Allied Cen-Pe-Co Federated Co-operatives Limited D-A Lubricant Company
logo-MAG1 logo-mfaoil logo-petro-canada
Mag 1 MFA Oil Petro-Canada Primrose
royal-mfg-logo logo-petro-canada SchaefferSLLogo_PMS Sinclair
Royal MFG Royal Oil Company Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants Sinclair
Texas Refinery Corp.

Products/fluids listed on the Authenticated list and/or carrying the Authenticated mark have met the requirements of the Authenticated program.

For more information about this program, please email us.

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