Big equipment sales continue slump


It’s no secret if you’ve passed by some dealerships lately that there seems to be a bit more iron on the lots. Depressed farm gate prices have folks in a not-so-jolly buying mood, and it continues to be reflected in the numbers.

The latest Flash Report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows that with the exception of the smaller horsepower tractor market, big iron just isn’t moving.

For November, sales of 100+ hp tractors were down more than 40 percent from November of last year. For the year, sales are off nearly 25 percent. And four-wheel drive tractor sales are equally depressed, down nearly 44 percent for the month, and off 42 percent for the year.

Yearly sales of tractors in the under-40 hp segment are up nearly 8 percent, but also show signs of slowing. The mid-range segment (over 40 hp to under 100 hp) are just below year-ago numbers (down 1.1 percent) but showed a 10 percent decline for November.

It’s very likely that some folks are doing an extra-special job of winter maintenance to get another year out of their equipment.

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