A bird’s eye view has never been easier


I am getting a healthy obsession with drones and drone technology. And I am working diligently to push numbers and see if and when a drone would make good business sense. I am continually amazed at how this technology is being used to capture images that would normally be impossible (or at least very difficult without some high-priced equipment), and I know that sooner or later a potential client may want these services.

While producers may be looking at drones for capturing other images or data, the basic elements are the same: there’s a very neat tool available, but it comes with a whole set of parameters that must be evaluated.

I came across a recent post that gave a good rundown on what to consider if you’re thinking about taking the leap forward and investing in drone technology for your farm. It’s a quick read, but well worth considering.

Perhaps the best tip from the article? “Do your research BEFORE you fly.”

I will admit that the choices out there, and the level of bells and whistles on each system, can be confusing. And from all accounts, just spending a lot of money isn’t necessarily the answer. But neither is learning to fly a high-priced drone with little more than a few minutes with a user manual.

So are you going to be buying a drone anytime soon?

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