Build your own tractor


There’s a new tool from Fendt tractors that allows you to configure, price and compare a new tractor right from home.

If you’ve ever ordered a computer online, you have a good idea of exactly how powerful this kind of tool can be. Fendt says their tool simplifies the initial shopping process by allowing you to sort through available equipment options and design a tractor to fit the needs of your operation.

It seems pretty straightforward, and lets you get a good idea of the cost of each option before you go to the dealer. And you receive the list price online automatically. So on the computer, you can add, delete, change and modify your very own tractor.

It’s not just a simple “do you want a radio” process. While configuring the equipment, product information on options such as seats, transmissions, weights, hitches, guidance and cabs is provided. Additional screens provide detailed information on each option and the different choices available.

After you build your tractor, you can then choose to request a formal quote from your choice of one of the three closest dealers. Dealers are notified of the request for quote and receive the summary and optional trade-in, financing and warranty information if you provide it.

And if you want, you can share the information with other farm members. You can even post your tractor specs online using Facebook, Twitter or other social media options.

There are a host of other options available on the site. It’s worth a look.

Is this kind of service worthwhile for your farming operation?