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Buying a Tractor with a Tier 4 Engine: 5 Questions to Ask

The Nebraska Tractor Test Lab’s Roger Hoy offers this list of questions to consider when buying your next 174-plus-hp tractor.

Engines Insights

Will confusion delay your Tier 4 buying?

How familiar are you with all the acronyms associated with Tier 4 engines?

Get the Most Out of Your Tier 4 Interim Engines During Planting

Tier 4 Engines can remain highly efficient if tractor operators perform by-the-book preventive maintenance before hooking up planters or other equipment.

John Deere Adopts a Chemical After-treatment For Final Tier 4 Engines

After much anticipation in the market, John Deere announced that it will add a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to its tractor engines to meet EPA’s Final Tier 4 emissions standards. The standards require an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxides over previous engine technologies.

Maintenance of Interim Tier 4 Engines

What are the new oil change intervals? Are engine oils backward compatible?

Video! Manufacturers Making Big Strides with Tier 4 Innovations

Farm equipment manufacturers have been investing heavily in new technology aimed at helping them meet EPA emission standards.

Let’s all DEF

Preparing for the final Tier 4 emission standards has, to say the least, been an exercise in understanding acronyms.

Cat introduces K Series Small Wheel Loaders

New engines that meet the Tier 4 Interim requirements, and boast a 15–20 percent fuel burn reduction.

New tractor choices in 2012

Big changes in new emission requirements for 174+ hp tractors (called Interim Tier 4) went into effect last month.

Get ready to pay more for Tier 4

A bit of sticker shock is in store for those producers in the market for new tractors equipped with the new Tier 4 interim engines.