Fuel Efficiency

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A Little Effort Can Save A Lot Of Fuel For Tractor Operators

Fuel economy is a topic at the top of most people’s minds these days, and farmers are no different. Using fuel-saving practices can help producers keep money in their pockets.

Fuel Efficiency Insights

Keep Your Diesel Engines Running Like New

Today’s sophisticated diesel engines work harder, longer and more efficiently than ever before. To get the most out of them, opt for a high quality diesel fuel or supplement your fuel with bottles of properly formulated fuel additives.

How to Calculate Your Tractor’s Fuel Efficiency

University of Nebraska Tractor Testing Laboratory website contains a wealth of information on tractor performance and fuel efficiency.

Shift Up, Throttle Back

There’s one operating procedure that can significantly reduce fuel costs, without spending a dime. It’s a simple matter of watching how you operate your tractor.

Reducing Energy Use in Production Agriculture

The first steps to improving on-farm energy efficiency.

Farmers Improving Fuel Efficiency with Tractor Maintenance

Routine maintenance and small adjustments in day-to-day operations also improve fuel efficiency and total energy costs.

Video: The Truth About Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

Many lubricants claim to meet OEM specs – when they don’t. Adding to this confusion, fluids that can’t meet current OEM credentials oftentimes mislead you by advertising only obsolete and outdated OEM specs such as J20A, 303, and Ford New Holland M2C134B & C. Learn how to select high performance fluids you can trust.

Hybrid Tractor Engines Close to Market

Agricultural engineers continue their work on machines that rely less on diesel fuel to help farmer-customers reduce fuel costs on the farm.

More Field Work From Less Fuel

New tractor fuel efficiency ratings can help you select the best models for you.

Soil Compaction Management at Harvest Time

Farmers are eager to harvest soybeans and corn but the fields are very soggy in much of Ohio. The danger of causing soil compaction is...