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Bringing The Crop In: A Custom Approach to Harvesting

Custom harvesting can take many forms, but no matter how large or small a custom farming operation may be, it all comes down to costs.

Implements Insights

Company Program Offered During Farm Income Slump

Times are tight for many farmers. With a program designed to help, AGCO offers new interest and payment waiver for parts and maintenance.

Sprayer Clean-Out – A Refresher

Getting the steps right in sprayer clean-out is important as new herbicides come to market.

Alternative Crops for More than Just Biofuel

Energy grasses can be used as feedstocks for bioenergy and biochemicals, as well as biofuels.

Website Spotlights Equipment with Highest Retained Value

EquipmentWatch announces its Retained Value Award Winners for 2016. See who was honored in the latest list.

Getting the Combine Ready For Fall Harvest

A quick maintenance to-do list for a trouble-free, productive harvest.

8 Tips from a Professional Buyer on How to Buy Used Equipment

A crash course on the eight things to look for before buying any used machine that could save you from a lemon.

4 Questions to Ask When Buying, Using Fungicides

Applying fungicides can produce a payback in higher yields. But buyers should consider these four factors before investing in these products for the 2016 growing season.

Data and Weed Control

Can those high-tech tools for tracking data help you manage a serious issue on your farm?

Certified Used Machine Movement Goes Global

Rising inventory of "experienced" equipment is a driver for new programs from Claas and Fendt for Europe. Here's a look at the European approach to the problem of rising inventories of used machines.