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Is There a 3D Printer in Your Future?

It’s not improbable that some farmers are already using 3D printers and that within a couple of years they will be more commonplace on farms.

Tool Shed Insights

Test Trailer Lights, Brakes without Hooking Up

Got a long-stored trailer that needs to have its lights checked before you hook up to go? It can be a hassle to have to connect the trailer to a vehicle first, but there is an alternative.

How To Protect Against Water Damage in Your Tractor’s Pump

Water is essential on all types of farms because all living things need it. But what happens when water gets into your tractor’s hydraulic fluid?

Keep Air Filters Clean without the Hassle

A portable solution is available to make the chore of cleaning air filters on combines, trucks and tractor easier.

Damage-Resistant Safety Lights Stand Up to Everyday Use

Farms are rugged environments and can be hard on expensive work lights. A solution comes from U.S.-based company Trouble Free Work Lights, which offers products...

Cold Weather Is Coming: How Will Your Tractor Fluid Perform?

Fall and winter bring colder temperatures to the farm. If you are using a low-quality tractor fluid, expect slower starts, choppy performance and faster wear on tractor parts.

Improve Planning and Management with Precise Harvest Measures

Are you still eyeballing the contents of your grain cart and other hauling equipment to calculate a weight? Without accurate data, you could be miscalculating...

Combination Hammer Drill Offers a Powerful Option

Do you have large-scale demolition or repair needs on your farm and long for a powerful cordless combo tool to help get the job done? Hilti hears you and offers its TE 30-A36, a tool the company says is the world’s first combination hammer drill.

High-quality UTTOs Protect Seals in Hard-working Tractor Engines

The most common cause of equipment failure is that moving parts are not lubricated properly, so it’s important to use high-performance Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO). Branded, top-shelf UTTOs prevent brake chatter, oxidation, contamination and rapid wear.

First Look at New High-horsepower Tractors for 2015

John Deere has unveiled the first look at its 9R/9RT series machines, which include a “complete lineup of 4WD and tracked tractors loaded with power and versatility to help you be more productive and efficient,” according to the company.