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Waste-Oil Furnaces Save Money on Heating, Oil Disposal

As machines get bigger on the farm, there’s a lot more used oil and hydraulic fluid to discard, which could be costly. Shop heaters that...

Better Than a Backhoe for Locating Field Tile

Adding to a network of field tile often has one big obstacle: A farmer can’t find the tile. The Maverick Tile Finder can help. The...

Replace Halogen Lights for Better Comfort, Safety

Farmers need plenty of light to work, and in the workshop or in the field, they need portable, powerful lighting tools. Milwaukee Tool continues to design new LED lighting tools, which are known to produce less heat and to be safer than halogen alternatives.

Make Quick Work of Cleaning, Calibrating Nozzles

Maintaining systems for applying liquid fertilizers and other treatments to crops can be time-consuming and disruptive. Two tools from Innoquest Inc. can help.

Using High-Quality Fluids to Prevent Oxidation

Farmers should always know how well their tractor’s hydraulic fluid resists oxidation, because oxidation is always happening.

Six-Pack Charger and Radio Charger Designed for Cordless Tools

It’s a common problem and a simple solution: As cordless tools become more popular on the farm, there’s a constant need to charge batteries — sometimes simultaneously. Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Six Pack Sequential Charger offers a compact design to charge multiple batteries from its cordless line.

Replace Aging Shop Doors with Hydraulic Solution

Have your farm shop doors kept up with the times? If they need constant repairs and/or can’t accommodate oversized equipment, you might be looking at outdated doors.

Hush Brake Chatter, Protect Tractors

How to Hush Annoying and Damaging Brake Chatter Yes, you can do something to silence brake noise and maximize the performance of wet-braking systems.

Loaders to Lift Bigger Loads on Growing Farms

The all-new 2700V NXT2 and 3300V NXT2 vertical-lift skid steer loaders offer Tier IV-certified Yanmar 72 horsepower diesel engines, and proven engine technology to meet emissions regulations. This new generation also offers a selectable self-leveling option and upgraded cab, which maker Mustang Manufacturing says answers the demands it’s heard from large-frame skid loader users.

Manure Management: Lagoon Crawler Stirs Up Interest

A new amphibious, remote-controlled vehicle designed for lagoon management on livestock farms is stirring up interest for its “cool” factor as much as its effectiveness. Farm Industry News featured the Lagoon Crawler from Nuhn Industries as the “Good Buy” in the October 2013 issue. It’s also getting lots of second looks at farm shows. The Lagoon Crawler won the innovation award at the 2013 Farm Progress Show, the largest farm show in the United States.