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Tool Shed Insights

Design Your Own Shop Layout with Online Tool

Farm shops built decades ago weren’t designed to accommodate modern farm equipment and needs. If you’ve outgrown your shop but don’t know where to begin...

Improve Shop Lighting with Big, Small LED Designs

When working in your farm shop, sometimes you need a little light, and sometimes you need a lot. If you find yourself toiling in the...

Cool Down a Hot Shop with HVLS Fans

High-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans are a good choice for cooling down a hot shop or barn because they are designed to circulate air more efficiently...

Solve Storage Space Shortage with Custom Buildings

Farm equipment is getting bigger, and some farmers find they’ve outgrown their equipment storage capacity. Putting up a new building is a solution, and for...

System Stores Hay Bales Safely, Securely without a Barn

Air-Barn offers a portable barn that is tax-free and can be expanded quickly and easily, if needed.

Firetrace System Extinguishes Machinery Fires Fast

Modern farm equipment is large and powerful, often propelled by engines that could pose a fire hazard.

Try a “Swivel” Solution to Keep Shop Tools Organized

With so many things to keep track of in the fields, farmers can be forgiven for not keeping their shop tools organized.

Tires Improve to Support Bigger, More Powerful Equipment

As farm equipment grows bigger and more powerful, more care needs to be taken to protect fields and crops.

Tool Makes Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Filters Easier

A farm equipment air filter, if properly cleaned, can be reused many times before it should be replaced.

Multiple Approaches for Rat Control on Farms

Rats are common pests on farms, and the reasons to get rid of them are numerous. They carry disease, they can destroy crops and they tend to chew through valuables.