Tractor Maintenance

Tractor Maintenance Insights

Get the Most from Your In-Season Fertilizer Apps

In-season fertilizer treatments can generate stronger yields. But before you sidedress with liquid or dry, make sure you apply the most efficient type for your fields with the right equipment.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Utility Tractor

Do you want to fire up your 300 horsepower tractor to run an auger or move a bale of hay? Or is that the machine of choice to mow weeds from the road up to your barn?

Regular Maintenance Prevents TMR Mixer Breakdowns

Preventing a TMR mixer breakdown through regular maintenance is a much better situation than finding yourself with a half-loaded tub and an empty feedbunk in the middle of January.

Current (and Obsolete) OEM Credentials for Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

With more low quality fluids popping up on retail shelves every day, it is getting harder for you to choose fluids that provide your tractors...

John Deere Rethinks the User Interface

The video monitor as part of a tractor cab is commonplace these days. It’s where you track how your machine is working, and in many...

Get the Most Out of Your Sprayer

The sprayer you’re using should be tuned up with precision calibration parts that enable the right chemicals to flow at the proper application rates.

New global survey of ag equipment manufacturers points to optimism in market

Ag equipment manufacturers are optimistic about near-term business expectations in the majority of the world, according to the Agritech Business Barometer from the Agrievolution Alliance.

Is the Tractor You’re Bidding on a Lemon?

By doing your homework, the tractor you buy through an auction is much less likely to be a lemon.

Lawsuit Raises Questions About Fluid Quality

A recently filed lawsuit has raised questions about the quality of Tractor Hydraulic Fluid in the marketplace.