Tractor Maintenance

Tractor Maintenance Insights

Slow Down And Stay Safe

Hay bales were our playpens as our parents milked cows or fed hogs and we played and fought together at end rows while they planted or baled, trying to keep us safe.

Take Time to Thoroughly Clean Spray Tanks

Using the same sprayer to treat multiple crops requires extra precaution. In my weed control project at Stoneville, we use a MudMaster to spray rice, cotton, and corn.

Experiencing Power Hop in Certain Field Conditions?

It happens right in the middle of important fieldwork. The tractor starts lurching, or "porpoising" in a fore/aft pitch and bounce oscillation. ‘Drives’ Home the Importance of High-Quality Fluids at Sunbelt Ag Expo

Hundreds of attendees at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, held Oct. 15-17, 2012 visited the booth and learned about the importance of using high-quality fluids in tractors and other farm equipment.

Machinery Capital Invested on the Farm – Then and Now

The value of machinery on the farm has changed considerably over the recent ten years. Data from a group of grain farm operators who are...

End-of-season Sprayer Maintenance Checklist

The last time you drive the sprayer into the yard for the season, instead of parking it in the corner, park it front and center...

Is Your Antique Tractor Road-ready For This Year’s Parade?

What you need to know about tires for your antique tractor Summer is in full swing, and with the season come ample opportunities for farmers...

Tire Tips You Should Know

By Greg Lamp If you thought you were a quasi expert on something as simple as tractor tires, maybe you should think again. There’s more...

Industry Insider: Hottest Topics in Tillage

By Jodie Wehrspann Anyone shopping for tillage equipment likely has come across Curt Davis, marketing manager with Kuhn Krause, a full-line manufacturer of tillage equipment....

Wrap Up Fall Field Work Before El Niño Winter

By Cary Blake Growers along the southern-most areas of the West and Southwest should complete harvests and related field work in a timely manner this...