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Six Apps for Identifying Weeds, Pests and More

Featured here are six recommended apps for ID tools for pests and weeds: Ag PhD Field Guide, the Bayer CropScience Weed Spotter, the DuPont Pestbook, and Purdue Extension Corn and Soybean, Soybean Field Guide, and ID Weeds.

PHOTO GALLERY: Water and Dollar Saving Irrigation

This photo gallery explores how the use of moisture sensors, flowmeters and surge valves are helping farmers grow the same, and sometimes more, crops with less water.

Cover Crops Boost Yields

By using cover crops, farmers can help boost soil nutrients, prevent soil and water erosion and increase corn, soybean and other crop yields.

Revisiting Robotics

Whether driven by a changing farm labor picture or the rapid development of automation systems, robots are gaining ground on the development side.

Technology saturation: a little perspective

Do you think we take technology for granted? I do think that it’s something we tacitly think will always be there.

Lost in translation: from automation to data collection

Today’s digital age has become more than just the newest and latest smartphone, camera, video camera or remote sensor.

John Deere Launches New Hay and Forage Equipment for 2013

John Deere has released its 2013 lineup of equipment for the hay and forage market. The machinery includes 12 new round balers, two new self-propelled...

Robotic Automation Research Foreshadows Farming’s Future

Industries that rely on skilled employees are facing worker shortages that promise to only worsen during the next 30 years, and farming is not immune....

2011 Guide to New 150-Plus-HP Row-Crop Tractors

Farm Industry News Jodie Wehrspann If your current row-crop tractor is holding you back from upgrading to a bigger planter or implement, new models for...

New Tractor Cabs: The Latest in Creature Comforts

Tractor cabs have reached a whole new level of comfort. New models for 2012 incorporate the best features from home to your glass palace in the field.