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A slew of combine updates

No matter what I am doing, I always seem to function better, and get more done, if I have a clear, concise, written-down list. Whether...

A special combine paint job

With farm show season fast approaching, my inbox is starting to swell with new product announcements and invitations to special events. I don’t mind the...

How “hard” is your soil?

If you have been to enough “planting” demonstrations, a common theme that runs through these demonstrations is consistent planting depth and placement of seed. Of...

Your tractor weather station

I have come to rely heavily on one application on my smartphone, and it’s not Twitter or Facebook. It’s my “local” weather app that can...

Some cool new things from John Deere

Remember the “Dick Tracy” comic strips and all the cool gadgets? I can remember as a child acting as if I had my own “two-way...

Behind the tire

It’s no secret that farm equipment continues to get bigger, with increased capacity, horsepower, width, length…you name it. And I’ve been to plenty of events...

Using Precision Ag to Save Time and Money on Your Corn and Soybean Farm

Remote sensing tools and variable rate applications are helping farmers apply 35 to 40 percent less nitrogen to their crops in Minnesota.

2011 Guide to New 150-Plus-HP Row-Crop Tractors

Case IH, John Deere, and New Holland have launched new series of 150-plus-hp row-crop tractors, and Versatile and JCB have also come out with new, more powerful models.

It’s 10 O’clock. Do You Know Where Your Tractor Is?

Telematics can enable you to access real-time equipment location and current operations information with a smartphone or computer.

New Tractor Cabs: The Latest in Creature Comforts

See a generation of cab creature comforts to make you forget you're behind the wheel.