Combination Hammer Drill Offers a Powerful Option


Do you have large-scale demolition or repair needs on your farm and long for a powerful cordless combo tool to help get the job done? Hilti hears you and offers its TE 30-A36, a tool the company says is the world’s first combination hammer drill.

Unveiled earlier this year and tested by the Farm Industry News (FIN) product-testing team, the TE 30-A36 has all the operating stats of pneumatic and corded tools with the convenience of being cordless. Team FIN tested the mega tool and rated its performance as 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

“With a high-efficiency brushless motor and a high-mass hammering mechanism, the tool delivers single-impact energy of 2.7 foot-pounds and a full hammering frequency of 4,500 impacts/minute,” Team FIN said in its review.

The combo-tool has a drilling diameter rate of 3/16 to 11/8 inch for hammer drill bits; 13/16 to 11/2 inch for breach bits; 3/8 to 13/8 inch for forming and instillation drill bits; and 25/8 to 39/16 inch for percussion core bits.

It features active vibration reduction to improve operator comfort, which Team FIN says really helps: “The tool has little vibration.”

The TE 30-A36 comes with two 36-volt fast-charging battery packs and is equipped with a variable-speed switch, reversing switch and depth gauge. An active torque-control system will stop the motor almost instantly if the bit binds, and the housing will begin to rotate.

Team FIN was impressed by the tool’s performance. “It has incredible power with the versatility of being cordless. While the price may be a deterrent, it would be a nice tool to have.”

The Hilti cordless TE 30-A36 costs $1,663.09 and includes two batteries; charger; one each TE CX: 1/4-by-6-in., 3/8-by-6-in., 1/2-by-6-in., 5/8-by-8-in., 3/4-by-12-in., 1-by-18-in.; TECP SPM 6/25 wide flat chisel; and plastic case. For more about Hilti, visit