Getting out of your comfort element


While I am one of the most rigid of persons when it comes to routines, I often find that being forced “out of my element” can be one of the best learning experiences around.

I’m in the midst of returning from a professional development program that was being held in New Zealand. And yes, New Zealand is a long journey from just about anywhere on the Northern Hemisphere. We were gathered from around the globe to learn about agriculture in that corner of the world, and it was truly an eye-opening experience that I hope to share with you in future blogs.

I also took some time to view the amazing countryside and experience some truly memorable events. But it was the times that I had to be quick on my feet that really gave me some perspective. I had to learn to blog from some interesting spots (I am typing this blog in a lounge at the Shanghai airport), drive on the other side of the road, overnight in some rather odd places and negotiate around several airline and customs issues (New Zealand has some very strict quarantine measures in place, and coming for an AG meeting meant some extra questions).

I got another lesson on how things get done in other parts of the world. Sure I may think them strange, but I realized that there’s more than one way to operate. And maybe I can take some of the things I learned and use them in my daily life.

Isn’t that true of most operations? We get so set in our ways that we don’t take another perspective into account. And perhaps that “other way” may be just a bit better.

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