Company Program Offered During Farm Income Slump

The gloomy news on farm income isn’t softening for 2017. Producers across the country are looking for ways to cut corners where it makes sense to save, but is machine maintenance one of those areas? That’s a concern that drove AGCO to fire up a new interest and payment waiver for its AGCO Plus+ users. The commercial credit program, which the company started four years ago, has seen growth, and now the company wants to put the program to work to help cash-strapped producers.

The program offers AGCO Plus+ users 180-days of interest free money for parts and services purchased to support machine maintenance on the farm. Joe DiPietro, vice president and general manager, AGCO Parts Americas, talked with Farm Industry News about the program and why the company is making this kind of marketing investment.

DiPietro says that in tight times, AGCO has elected to “step in” to offer this program because the cost of not doing preventive maintenance can be much higher. “We like your machines running all the time and we want to help you to do it.” DiPietro says that the company sees this program as “the right thing to do” in part because farmers need help right now and this is a way the company can help. Investing in maintenance is important because preventive work done this winter can help avoid significant unscheduled downtime – a costly problem – in the spring.

As for AGCO? “It’s not cheap. This is an expensive program for AGCO to offer, but we want people to do what is needed to maintain their equipment well,” he says. The waiver program is only available to approved AGCO Plus+ users – which is the company’s commercial credit program. This is a credit account that can only be used at a participating AGCO dealership; but it is not restricted to AGCO products, it can be used for any part or service an AGCO dealer offers. The company owns Sparex, which is an all-makes parts supplier that sells through AGCO dealers and those parts are eligible under this program, too.

To use the program, your farm business must be set up as a commercial operation.

Dealers have long promoted preventive maintenance programs and farmers know that those programs can help keep machines running – or offer added support if machines do fail. AGCO calls its official preventive maintenance program PM360 which offers a special discount and provides pre- and post-season inspections where the dealer reviews equipment on the farm. “We don’t always find something, but many times the farmer will have the dealer perform an oil change for the service interval while he’s on the farm,” he says.

DiPietro says that as harvest winds down, many times farmers will just park the combine. It’s also a time when service work slows at dealerships. The preventive maintenance program, combined with that 6-month interest and payment waiver, offers the opportunity to get the combine to the dealer for preventive maintenance to catch anything that could fail next fall.

In addition, this program will help this winter for pre-planting equipment prep as well. AGCO customers will be able to get parts to prep machines and not have interest or payments for 6 months. If you use AGCO Plus+ to finance the parts and service, you get the waiver.

And for the farmer who bought a machine at auction or used, but has no relationship with the AGCO dealer – and in fact may not know who that AGCO dealer is – this incentive program can help bridge that gap.

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