Cordless Cut-off Tool Has Pumped-up Power for Hard Materials


Battery-powered tools are convenient, but sometimes you need more power for applications such as cutting or grinding metal.

Tool and equipment maker Hilti has a solution. It has introduced the world’s first cordless cut-off tool with a brushless motor that can cut or grind just about any type of metal, with performance comparable to that of corded tools.

A farmer put the new cut-off tool to the test for Farm Industry News, and the publication has named it a “Good Buy.” The tester found the tool to be handy and powerful, especially considering it is powered by a lithium-ion battery, according to the publication. It also performed well as an angle grinder. The tool is 14 inches in length, weighs 6 pounds and operates at 18 volts.

Features include:

  • Brushless motor for three times longer lifetime
  • Keyless quick-change flange
  • Electronic brake stops the disc within one second
  • Higher performance and battery capacity than other tools on the market
  • Abrasive cutting discs optimized for use with this tool

Applications include:

  • Cutting and grinding cast iron pipes, steel and stainless steel profiles
  • Notching, grinding and finishing steel beams, plates and steel mesh
  • Cutting and grinding strut, threaded rods and sheet metal
  • Cutting, grinding and finishing stainless steel

Hilti offers a video that shows the tool being used, if you want to see it in action.

A purchase includes the tool, two batteries, charger, 25 blades, keyless flange and bag.

For more information and to get details on the warranty, call Hilti at 800-879-8000 or visit

Home Depot also sells the tool (reconditioned) online.