Data driven


I am continually amazed at just how much data one person can collect in a given day. While out on a photography assignment, I can easily generate 64 gigabytes of data (more, if I am also shooting video) that, only just a few years ago, would have been nearly impossible (given the technology) as well as incredibly expensive.

But with the explosion of technology, especially in agriculture, we’re generating mountains of data that has to have a home. After all, what good is the data if you can’t use it?

So it’s not surprising that writing about new products in agriculture includes information on products and services surrounding data management.

This article talks about some of the items seen at the recent Farm Progress Show.

Wireless data transfer, it says, “has become the baseline for major services seeking to compete for your dollar.”

Companies are also improving their systems to allow the software to work more efficiently, or provide new features.

It’s a good read, and gives some additional insight on how it’s not just tire-kicking anymore when it comes to getting something new for the farm.

How has data management changed your farm?

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