The Data Revolution: More than field maps


I’d like to continue on the topic of data and agriculture, and provide some additional food for thought. Maybe this will give you some interesting topics to discuss around the dinner table over Thanksgiving.

It’s very easy for producers to think about the data they generate as a single product that is being used for the farm, either to improve production, reduce costs or make operations more efficient. Yet data is being used in ways that could impact not only how we produce, but what we produce in the years ahead.

That’s because scientists are, in essence, digitizing agriculture: breaking down agriculture into its individual data elements to study it more closely. Now, this trend won’t take away the need for producers to do things like plant, harvest, wean livestock,etc.  What it will do is provide valuable information so that the entire agriculture production chain can make more informed decisions faster.

I found this article about an agricultural ecologist at Stanford of particular interest. Here we have a scientist using raw data in a way that is already transforming agriculture. And, it’s very likely we’re only scratching the surface.

How has data management changed the way you farm?

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