Dealerships selling more than iron


It’s no secret that today’s farm equipment dealerships sell a lot more than iron. Precision agriculture has changed the face of a lot of dealers, and now you may just as likely walk out of a dealership with a computer upgrade rather than an oil filter.

So I found this news release quite interesting. A Wisconsin dealership will be offering a helicopter-style drone to its ag customers. Riesterer & Schnell is partnering with Precision Drone to sell the units at its dealerships.

According to the release: “These hexacopters are small, unmanned craft that can fly up to 400 feet high, while taking aerial images of crops and fields. The data collected by agricultural drones is a part of the total precision agriculture approach that can assist with observing, measuring and responding to crop variability. The images and data collected will be used to help diagnose problems and determine how to improve yields.”

If you are in the area, there will be a demonstration of the technology at the Partners in Progress event at the EAA grounds in Oshkosh, Wis., on March 12.

Are you looking at drone technology for your farm?

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