Keep Your Diesel Engines Running Like New

Today’s sophisticated diesel engines work harder, longer and more efficiently than ever before. To get the most out of them, opt for a high quality diesel fuel or supplement your fuel with bottles of properly formulated fuel additives.

High quality fuel contains additives that maximize efficiency and fuel economy, and can help extend the life of your engines. Additives can also prevent power loss, filter plugging, injector failures and poor engine performance.

Choose a quality diesel fuel or use bottled fuel additives to experience these five main benefits:

  • Deposit Control
    Harmful deposits can form in diesel engine injectors from using poor quality fuel. They clog up fuel injectors and cause them to stick, which negatively impacts fuel economy and performance, and can lead to expensive repairs or replacements. Deposit control additives in high quality diesel fuel or a bottled fuel injector cleaner can remove and prevent deposits.
  • Better Combustion
    The higher the cetane number, the more easily a fuel combusts to help your engine start easier, run smoother and create less smoke. In the U.S., the minimum cetane number is 40. While 40 cetane will work in your equipment, you’ll see better performance from a diesel fuel with a higher number.
  • Efficiency Plus Protection
    Keeping your fuel system lubricated is critical to protecting diesel engine components against wear and maximizing efficiency. Most, but not all, fuel suppliers include a lubricity improver in their diesel fuel. Choose a high quality fuel or add a bottle of lubricity improver to your tank to help ensure the best possible efficiency and protection.
  • Oxidative Stability
    As fuel sits over a long period of time, it begins to oxidize and break down to form sludge and sediment that cause premature filter plugging. This process also speeds up the formation of harmful deposits on fuel injectors that can hurt performance and increase maintenance costs. Quality diesel fuel has excellent stability properties. A bottle of fuel stabilizer can also help create the best possible result.
  • Cold Weather Performance
    In colder temperatures, wax buildup can form and impair the flow of diesel fuel. Quality diesel fuel should have a Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) temperature below the outdoor temperature to avoid this. If you work in extreme cold, ensure your fuel contains deicer. Add a bottle of flow improver to the fuel in your tanks each year before winter begins.

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