Driver-less tractors: The future is (almost) here


Remember Knight Rider (you know, the old one from the late 1980s)? Yes, it was one of my guilty pleasures. Sure, the Trans Am was cool, as all cars like that are to college students. But honestly, if you watched the show, didn’t you wish you had a car that could drive itself?

It’s remarkable how art sometimes imitates real life. Even Dick Tracy had a watch that isn’t much different (or smaller) than some of today’s smartphones. And the driver-less vehicle? Well, they are here.

According to a recent article posted at Farm Industry News, “This is the year when autonomous vehicles will emerge from research and development tests to farmers’ fields. By harvest, Case IH, John Deere, and Kinze plan to have commercialized guidance systems that allow a tractor-and-grain-cart unit to be driven without operator input while unloading combines.”

It’s not KITT running through the fields, but it’s pretty amazing technology that’s actually going from the drawing board to the field.

So, are you in the market for this technology?