Driving your tractor never felt so good


Spending a few days climbing into the latest farming equipment can be a rewarding, yet exhausting, experience. And I continue to be amazed at the latest features and upgrades that today’s tractors have to offer.

It’s a long way from a shade canopy, yet alone a radio, being a luxury item. Sensors, monitors, and viewing screens tell you everything you need to know at a glance. But today’s cabs also come with a myriad of comforts and features that have everything to do with the operator.

And it’s not by accident. I continue to be amazed at just what tractor design engineers will come up with next. We are well beyond the comfy seats and fits-like-a-glove controls. Heated seats, touch-screen controls, and even integrated lunch boxes that keep things cool, or warm.

What’s even more amazing is the sight lines compared to older tractors. There’s more glass, but controls are also placed so they are not in the way, yet readily available.

You can get a view of the various cabs without leaving your computer console here.

So what new cab features are you going to look for with your next tractor?