Is a drone on your holiday wish list?


Let’s face it, if you haven’t been tempted to buy a drone to add to your farm, the holiday season is the time when you want to add it to your wish list. Judging by the number of drones available through a myriad of manufacturers, there’s certainly plenty of options.

One holdup, however, has been the Federal Aviation Administration. For many of you, these drones are more than just toys, they are sensitive pieces of equipment that can perform a myriad of tasks easier and faster than ever before. But they can also be quite large, much more than simple toys that you fly around in your living room. There are also the incidences of drones flying close to airplanes, airports and crowded sporting events that has made some folks nervous.

And I don’t blame them. No one wants a heavy battery hurtling out of the sky onto your home, or yourself.

Last week, a task force for the Federal Aviation Administration issued recommendations for drone use.

While I’m certain that some sort of final regulations will be coming soon, let’s hope that these rules are written to keep up with the ever-changing technology. It’s getting better, more affordable, and perhaps even a necessity for today’s farming operations.


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