Drones taking flight


Watching a recent demonstration of a drone in flight was actually quite amazing. Watching the quad copter hover overhead and zero-in on the farming operation below gave me a unique perspective. It also showed how these tools can be of major benefit to the farming operation. Need to check the top of your grain bin? Rather than climb up, just send a drone up to be your eyes. Need to get a view of how the combines are running? Send over a drone to watch from the sky.

However, as with most things in life nothing is as easy as it seems. You know the infomercials and videos that show how a product is child’s play when it comes to operation, then you get it home and find out you need a doctorate to decipher the instructions. Sure, drones are pretty easy to use, but my first try at navigation wasn’t as easy as it looked.

I also had the recent run-in with a drone at a local park. Someone was “testing” his new toy, and it crash landed only a few feet from a car in the parking lot. No damage to the car, but judging from the number of pieces the guy was picking up, I assume the drone is in the shop for major repairs.

So have you had the opportunity to test drive a drone? Success? Failure?

For me, I think my test drives will be in an open field, with lots of space, at least until I get a handle on how to use these things. Until then, I’ll be using my Farm Show time to gather more information, and maybe get a few free lessons.

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