Efficiently and Effectively Warm Your Shop With Infrared Heaters


Since conventional portable space heaters can burn through a lot of electricity, keeping the shop warm in the winter is costly. And that high cost doesn’t ensure you’ll be warm. Drafts and winds weaken forced-heat flows, and the heat emission tends to be uneven.

A solution could be an infrared heater from Val6, which says its heaters mimic the sun and exude an even, energy-efficient heat. According to the company, Val6 infrared heaters transmit radiant heat, which occurs when infrared light leaves the surface of an object and travels to the surfaces of other, cooler objects. When you turn the heater off, the objects retain their heat longer than with a conventional heater, which warms the air. Clothing and skin actually absorb the warmth.

The radiant heat travels in a straight line from a disk and is not disrupted by ambient air. The heaters are also free of impurities and won’t spread dust and other particles in the atmosphere. They produce no odor or smoke.

Val6 sells a variety of infrared heaters through distributers, and they vary by size and running time — from 6 to 20 hours. The company says their heaters last three times longer than typical convection heaters, and they come with a two-year guarantee.TS_Val6

The Daystar is ultra portable and made for spot heating in a large area. Val6’s most popular model is the KBE5L, which is on wheels. A smaller version of the KBE5L is the KBE5S. The EPX is the most powerful model, with the largest heat-source disk; the MPX can serve as both an infrared heater and a convection heater.

Maintenance requirements are minimal: replacing the fuel filter and nozzle and flushing out the fuel tank at the end of each season.

For more information, go the Val6’s website at www.val6.com.


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