End-of-the-year cleanup is in order


It’s rolling around to 2015, and I’d like to share some end-of-the-year maintenance things that I do in order to start the New Year off on the right foot. If you have some time to squirrel away, you can get the jobs done without missing too much bowl time.

I always use this “downtime” on my computer to do some maintenance. First, I update EVERYTHING to DVDs for a permanent record. Of course, I have several backups on hard drives, but I am always secure in knowing that a hard copy exists. Then, ensure that your backups are up to date.

Next, I use the time to do “deep cleaning” of my disk drives. Depending on your software, you can do disk maintenance that scans the drives for errors or even hidden viruses. These scans can take some time, but the best part is you can start the scan and do other things while the computer is working.

I then gather up all my computer equipment (anything that you have to set a date on it) and ensure the date is correct and the current operating system is up to date. If you have a computer that you only use occasionally, or is a backup, you can be sure that at least everything is ready to go. And ensuring that the date and time is correctly set on all your equipment can be critical. I know that some programs automatically do this for you, but it never hurts to check.

Yes, maintenance is more than about checking the oil.

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