For Max Efficiency, Keep Radiators Clean With Reversible Fans

Dust and debris can be tough on a tractor’s engine-cooling system. They get sucked in as cooling fans run at high speed during regular operation, and if they aren’t removed, the tractor is less efficient and costs more to run.

Fortunately, there is a solution. A reversible fan not only draws in air for cooling but also can blow radiators and coolers clean by reversing airflow.

CLEANFIX makes reversible fans that are ultra-efficient because the fan reverses on its own axis, which, according to the company is “the optimum position to produce maximum air flow in cooling and cleaning modes.”

“Unlike conventional hydraulic reversible fans, which use a change in rotational direction to blow contaminants from radiators and cooling components, the CLEANFIX fan provides increased pressure due to precise alignment of the blade profile and not through the change of the rotational direction,” according to the company.

A reversible fan not only draws in air for cooling but also can blow radiators and coolers clean by reversing airflow.Credit: CLEANFIX


Benefits of such a design include:

  • No overheating of the engine, transmission and hydraulics.
  • No power loss at the AC condenser.
  • Fewer working hours for cleaning and repair.
  • Fuel savings up to 6%.
  • Up to 60% less power consumption through the fan.

According to TISCO, a national distributor of farm-equipment parts, keeping a tractor’s radiator clean from dust and debris is an essential part of cooling-system maintenance. The company recommends these activities also be done as part of regular maintenance:

  • Check coolant levels
  • Flush the radiator and check the cap for cracks
  • Add new antifreeze at least twice a year
  • Check the belts driving the water pump and fan for cracks
  • Tighten clamps
  • Squeeze upper and lower hoses. If they are mushy, they should be replaced.

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