To some it’s just a game


I’m constantly amazed at the games and apps that developers invent. Battles, kingdoms, clans, my kids work through them until they’re bored and then move on.

Since I always review the games before they play them, I, at least, get a feel of what’s going on; not that I really understand it, or, worse yet, get all the controls down. I’m often confused and have to ask a lot of questions as to who is whom, but I finally muddle through.

No more. I’ve found the game that I think I might even like to play: Farming Simulator 15.

Yes, folks, it’s a farming simulator game that has all the bells and whistles of what you do every day. And combined with really cool graphics, it looks like all that’s missing is the dust and smell of diesel fuel.

While a lot of producers might laugh this one off, it’s probably worth a second look. I think that any game, simulator or tool that shows the general public just how complex today’s farm can be is time well spent. While playing a “game,” people learn about the true workings of a farm. That can put agriculture in a more advantageous situation.I still need to download the full version, which I hope to do when I get a break. I just need to know if there’s an oil-change simulation.

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