Gearing up for one big show


Every two years, the fairgrounds in Hannover, Germany, become one very, very large farm show. Agritechnica plays host to nearly 2,800 exhibitors from 52 countries. Within the week-long run of the show this November, more than 400,000 visitors are expected.

And it’s my playground. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the show once again and find out the latest and greatest when it comes to farm machinery and technology. Because like most farm shows today, it’s not all about iron. You are likely to spend just as much time learning about the latest software advancement as you are about the newest tractor design.

Because it is truly a worldwide show, it’s also an opportunity to see equipment and technology being used all over the world. Sure, a lot may not make it to the U.S., but the ideas and examples are something that always catch my eye…and have me thinking how the technology might be used here.

To whet your appetite a bit, here is a sample of what’s going to be shown next month.

It’s only a sample. And it has my motor running. It will be a great show.


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