Get a Better Grip with 3M Gloves


Much of farm work is dirty work, and having oil or grease on your hands is common—too common to stop what you’re doing and wash off the residue. Besides, there are no sinks in the middle of fields!

Yet, this problem can actually be dangerous when handling tools and machinery. Slipping up could mean an injury or damage to tools and equipment.

One way to help ensure safe handling is with 3M Gripping Material Gloves. A long-time global leader in materials science, 3M describes its Gripping Material this way: “Imagine thousands of gripping fingers engaging quickly and easily, allowing the user to benefit from increased traction and grip, while reducing slip in a broad variety of applications.”

The 3M Gripping Material Work Glove is an industrial work glove designed to enhance and improve traction and grip, for applications where getting a grip is a performance advantage. It features padded fingers and thumb tips for protection, expansion areas on finger backs and knuckles for comfort, and offers a snug elastic wristband with adjustable closure.

3M’s Gripping Material is sold as a substrate adhesive, as well as a sewn-on part of the work gloves. (3M strongly recommends using both together.) It is water and oil resistant, provides increased friction and enhanced traction with a lighter grip, and can expand and move without tearing. The glove material is washable.

3M gives this note on glove sizing:
“Sizes are determined by measuring the circumference of the hand with a tape measure in inches just below the knuckles with the hand closed. As a general rule, a small = 7-½ to 8 inches, medium 8-½ to 9 inches, large 9-½ to 10 inches and extra large 10-½ to 11 inches. These are only guidelines because no two hands are shaped alike. The many variables in length, width and shape make this an imperfect science.”