Happy days are here again, and again, and again


You never want to count your money before it’s safely in your pocket, but a recent article I read points to agriculture having a very robust future in the next decade.

According to this article in Southeast Farm Press: Michael Dwyer, director of the FAS Global Policy Analysis Division, says “things never looked so good — if you have a crop to sell,” this year. “If realized, 2012 will be another record setting year for all measures of farm income.”

Here’s the money quote: “And Dwyer, speaking at the recent inaugural Southwest Ag Issues Summit in Austin, said that trend likely will continue, unless some outside force — worsening recession or government trade policy errors, for instance — derail this train.”

Further: The trend is not just national, but global. “We see a booming demand for meat, especially in developing countries. Things look pretty good.”

It’s a great read and helps paint a very bright future. Of course, there are always pitfalls that can occur along any journey, but it does help fuel a sense of optimism for agriculture.

What’s your optimism level?

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