A Happy Thanksgiving to all


Regular readers to this blog know of my fondness for the Thanksgiving holiday season. It’s really hard to point to one particular thing that makes this holiday special for me…perhaps it is a sum of the parts.

And it can take on a meaning that differs for every family. For some, it’s the family gathering from far and wide, for others it’s the family bonding around the fireplace or even in the field, and still there’s another group of friends who have made their annual Thanksgiving football game legendary.

But no matter how you celebrate the day, perhaps what makes the day special is the quality time spent with family and friends, reflecting on the days past and looking toward the future.

With the day to day activities of farming and the hustle and bustle of harvest that comes before Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget what truly matters. So I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Make it count.

What are some of your special family Thanksgiving traditions?

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