Are hybrid tractors in your future?

I’m sure you’ve seen hybrid cars roaming the streets. I have a couple of friends who own different versions, and while I am intrigued by the concept I will have to wait a bit for the price to come down. But I know that it’s of high interest in the automobile industry, and even to the equipment industry.

According to the Farm Industry News article on hybrid tractor engines close to market, “Hybrid tractors that use electricity to supplement diesel engine power were a hot point of discussion at the 2013 Agricultural Machinery Conference … Agricultural engineers continue their work on machines that rely less on diesel fuel to help farmer-customers reduce fuel costs on the farm.”

And hybrid equipment may be closer to your farm than you might think. Rounding out the session was a presentation on the John Deere 644K hybrid wheel loader. “This vehicle represents one of the first commercially-available off-road hybrid vehicles for the medium-size construction industry,” according to a John Deere source. “Third-party tests have confirmed significant fuel savings and substantial productivity gains over traditional torque converter wheel loaders.”

And it’s probably a certainty that this technology will be in farm equipment sooner rather than later.

What do you think of hybrid technology?