Innovative Tool Safely Cleans DPFs So They Can Be Reused


Although diesel particulate filters (DPFs) can be costly, they do reduce harmful emissions from motorized equipment. Several companies are developing products that can extend the life of DPFs which can, in turn, cut a farmer’s operating costs.

For example, Air Filter Blaster is an air filter cleaning tool that reduces filter-replacement and fuel costs. The technology has been proven in extensive field trials, according to the company.

The only thing the user needs to provide is a source of compressed air. Ports within the Air Filter Blaster’s centrifugal forced-air induction chamber create a shaft rotation that uniformly vibrates and shakes loose dirt and particles from the inside of the air filter outwards. When the particles come off of the filter, they mostly collect in a pile on the ground. (It should be used in an open-air area.)

The company says one of the tool’s biggest benefits is fuel savings because when filters are clogged, motors use more fuel. With a clean filter, a 600-horsepower engine uses five fewer gallons of fuel an hour than with a clogged filter. Clogged filters can also cause engine damage.

What about warnings from filter manufacturers to not attempt to clean DPFs? According to the makers of Air Filter Blaster, manufacturers say this because they know that the average consumer is using 125 to 150 psi directly out of the air compressor. Pressures this high coming out of a single nozzle can and will tear the filter element, allowing dirt particles to go directly into the engine and turbocharger. In contrast, the Air Filter Blaster’s design doesn’t allow a direct blast of air pressure onto the filter material, and it has a sealing ring that keeps particles from going back into the filter.

Salmon River Innovations, maker of the Air Filter Blaster, said it has tested “. . . just about every canister filter on the market and has deliberately clogged them and then cleaned them using the Filter Blaster; and out of [hundreds] of filters and cleaning them 60 times, we had not one tear or damage to the filter elements.”

The Air Filter Blaster can clean any size filter, from 3 inches inside diameter and 3 inches tall to 12 inches inside diameter and up to 6 foot tall.


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