It’s all in the preparation


I’ve been reluctant to blog about this winter’s weather. I’m sure that you’ve been inundated with stories about the severe weather…I know that the news stations and weather forecasters have had a field day.

But what this weather can do is give you a very stark wake-up call when it comes to equipment maintenance. I have lost count at the number of cars I’ve seen that are the victims of a dead battery. Yes, the cold is record-breaking…but how many checked the battery before winter set in?

The same goes with farm equipment. I know chores are very difficult in the cold, and tractors can break down no matter what the weather. However, did a good maintenance plan keep you up and running, or in the shop with the space heaters blasting?

Sometimes, being prepared for winter weather takes a little foresight and early work. Sure, you couldn’t have predicted a “polar vortex” coming, but did you get ready for anything Mother Nature could bring?

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