Let’s all DEF


Preparing for the final Tier 4 emission standards has, to say the least, been an exercise in understanding acronyms. I have a list posted right next to my desk of the various “buzz words” for Tier 4…including DEF and SCR…so I can attempt to keep the descriptions correct. It’s not easy.

And I would certainly think that it’s not easy for those of you purchasing newer high-horsepower equipment that meet these new EPA-mandated standards.

But as we move from interim to final standards, the picture is getting a bit clearer. Regardless of what color equipment you drive, it’s going to be impossible to avoid the use of DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). John Deere is adopting the same emissions technology that the other major companies (Case IH, AGCO, New Holland) are using.

So that means on your service schedule, you’ll be required to add a second fluid to your mix. SCR requires tractor owners to add DEF, a fluid blend of urea, while filling up with fuel. The fluid is sprayed into the exhaust to neutralize noxious gases linked to smog and health problems.

Final Tier 4 rules affect high-horsepower tractors, combines, sprayers, and other self-propelled vehicles used in farming. The engines will be ready for launch by the final Tier 4 deadline of 2013 for engines 74 hp and below, and 2014-2015 for engines 75 hp and above, according to the article.

Is a Tier 4 engine in your immediate future?