A marvel of modern technology


It’s easy to marvel at modern farming equipment. The newest tractors or combines always draw a crowd as folks eyeball the latest and greatest. But have you ever stopped to think just how far farm machinery has come, and just what that means to the overall productivity of agriculture?

Well, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers recently released a white paper that details how advances in ag equipment technology and mechanization help make U.S. farming “the most productive the world has ever seen.”

We all have heard similar stats on how farmers feed the world:  ”Just 50 years ago a single U.S. farmer supplied food for almost 26 people globally, but that number has increased to 144.”

“Agriculture’s achievements have resulted from scientific advances in many areas, including inputs and other efficiencies, yet the productivity explosion continues to be driven by enormous strides in the farm machinery and equipment technology now used to farm millions of acres,” said Charlie O’Brien, AEM senior vice president and agriculture sector leader.

It’s a good read, and provides some eye-popping statistics on the important role agriculture plays.

What new piece of farm machinery has given you your biggest productivity jump?

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