More mobility for the farm


Like a lot of you, my smartphone has become an extension of my everyday life. I use it to check prices, news updates, email, and even to shop.

And while my desktop computer still sees its share of work, I’ve started to use my smartphone for tasks that once took going to a keyboard. For instance, the other day I was gently reminded by my wife I needed to get something for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. Not wanting to forget or delay, I went to where else……and in a few button presses on my phone the job was done. It was addictively easy.

It was a first-time experience for me, but one that I will likely use again. I did all of this in a few minutes, while waiting for my son.

So I found this article of interest.

“John Deere has announced a new mobile version of The new service allows customers to access the user-friendly site anywhere on their mobile devices.

“When users access the mobile version of the website on any tablet or smartphone, they will receive faster and more efficient navigation on that device. Users will also have easy access to a dealer location link to find the closest John Deere dealer in their area for easy and convenient parts purchases.”

Pretty cool stuff. And I’m sure more and more companies have, or will have, the  same technology available soon.

What’s your favorite mobile site?

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