More resources for securing farm-related apps


I spotted a recent posting in Corn and Soybean Digest that offers some helpful information on the plethora of farm-related smartphone apps available.

The article gives a great rundown on the apps available, and in what platforms (especially useful for those not using a fruit-related smartphone). TankMix and Yara Tankmix are mentioned as apps for both Droid and iPhones, and other calculators, including the “Corn Yield Calculator, Corn Planting Calculator, and Grain Moisture Calculator.”

The article also covers the scouting apps: “Northern Plains Integrated Pest Management has developed a guide to soybean pests. NPIPM Soybean Guide is a free download for Android and iPhone and offers photos, descriptions, and management for many soybean pests.”

Some of these apps are free, while others charge a fee for the download. My suggestion is that before you purchase any app, review the comments section on either the iTunes store or Droid marketplace, and do a bit of research. While a few dollars doesn’t sound like much, it doesn’t help to purchase an app that’s not the right tool for you.

And of course, the article covers the games as well. You need some downtime as well, right?

So, have you downloaded any farming apps lately? What’s been the best ones you’ve found?