More things to think about during harvest


Certainly, there will be a lot of “what if” thinking on the combine this fall. What if…we got better rains, I planted a different hybrid, I applied a different herbicide…the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, there will be a lot of producers coming to the stark realization that yields aren’t going to be there. And there will likely be some quality issues to deal with as well.

I found this article from three Iowa State University extension specialists, that discusses the issues related to crop quality at harvest.

First and foremost: “Regardless of crop and quality issue, please talk to your crop insurance company before harvest. Some quality issues are covered; others are not. Quality issues are resolved in crop insurance by deducting an additional percentage of actual production before calculating the settlement.”

It’s a good read, especially as you head out into the field.

What precautions are you taking this harvest?

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