New tractor choices in 2012


As most of you know, the big changes in new emission requirements for 174+ hp tractors (called Interim Tier 4) went into effect last month. And that’s led to a whole new lineup of tractors in the high-horsepower range.

According to a recent article in Farm Industry News, manufacturers didn’t just settle for new engines. They’ve added new features to their equipment, including “cab suspension, clutchless transmissions, power management systems, multi-function joysticks, touch-screen display terminals and factory-installed remote monitoring systems.”

Check out the link. There’s a great photo gallery of all the new paint available for 2012.

It’s a sure sign that the companies aren’t standing still when it comes to new features and benefits to their equipment. And given the good economic signals in agriculture, it’s probably a good bet that the competition for your tractor dollar will be as strong as ever.

So, any new paint in your future?