Optimism at the dealerships


I have always marveled at those who make their living in agricultural sales. It’s a tough business, and often the paychecks of those sales folks reflect what’s happening in the overall ag economy. And I know that being in sales isn’t in my DNA.

So it’s good to see the overall optimism in the agriculture sector reflected at the equipment dealer level.

A blog post recently from Paul Kindinger, president/CEO of the North American Equipment Dealers Association, paints a very rosy picture.

“During the past week I have traveled from Saskatoon to San Antonio meeting and talking to dealers of all brands and all descriptions. From single-store owners to mega dealers (among the largest in North America), there is a common thread that ties them all together. That thread is optimism!”

He continues: “It is heart-warming to hear the optimism exude about the past year and about the future. Many dealers are making plans to grow and expand their operations. Others are seeking ways to improve current operations in order to provide a higher level of service to existing customers. Never before, in my lifetime at least, (and that is beginning to be a pretty long stretch of time) have I witnessed this level of optimism and the belief that things are good and likely to stay that way for a while. What a great, exciting time to be in agriculture and in the equipment industry.”

You can read his full blog here.

So, are you going to be supporting your ag dealer this year with a new equipment purchase?