Planter buying basics


I dread making product purchasing decisions. While buying tools for my trade (computers and cameras) pale in comparison to equipment buying decisions of producers, they are my key investments to remain productive.

However, whether it is a new computer or a new planter, one can often get overwhelmed with the amount of data available to “help” make your decisions. I once agonized over the purchase of a new laptop computer because I kept vacillating between two different website recommendations (both of which I trust) who had entirely differing opinions.

But when all was said and done, I made my decision based on the features I needed, and how the computer was going to be used. With a plethora of information only one web search away, it’s important to focus on the things that you need your new equipment to do for you. Because “everyone” has the best, right?

I found this article on Farm Industry News that provides some straight advice on buying a new planter. Bill Hoeg, Case IH planter sales and marketing manager, North America, cites six agronomic principles of optimized planting growers should consider when buying a new planter: proper seed depth; uniform seed depth across the planter and throughout the field; good soil-to-seed contact; uniform soil pressure all around the seed; accurate seed population; and accurate in-row seed spacing.

“A planter should be able to deliver on all six agronomic principles right out of the box,” Hoeg says.

It’s a good read, and gives some timely advice for those of you in the market.

What do you look for when buying a new planter?

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