Post-holiday present ideas


Was Santa good to you? I was certainly blessed with some great fellowship and nice gifts this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start my wish list for 2012 early.

And here are some gifts that might tempt you as well.

As most of you know, the development of lithium ion batteries has really made a revolutionary change in the cordless tool market. These batteries are lighter and provide more power than their predecessors, and are low maintenance.

I will be the first to admit that I love cordless tools. They are handy, can go anywhere, and keep me from digging out an extension cord. But earlier generations also meant that I needed to tend to them a bit more. Nothing is more frustrating than pulling out a cordless tool only to find the battery isn’t charged…or worse yet, won’t hold a charge.

These new tools are more powerful than ever, and quite frankly ooze “cool.”

I guess batteries are like any other maintenance schedule, and I will promise to keep these new tools charged if I find them under my tree next year.

So how do you keep track of your cordless equipment?