PVC Tapes Stick in Cold, Wet Weather


Nothing matches duct tape for usefulness in the home, on the job site, and especially on the farm. But not all such tapes perform equally, especially in cold, wet weather, which can diminish sticking power. Fortunately, some plumbing and electrical tapes are now made with adhesives specifically developed for cold-weather adhesion (and they work in warm temperatures, too). These tapes tend to include PVC, the same plastic commonly used to make pipes and other construction materials.

One of these new products is Amazing Plumbing & Electrical Tape. The makers promise a watertight seal in cold and wet conditions. According to U.S.-based P.S. Manufacturing, Amazing Plumbing & Electrical Tape is made from PVC “. . . with a tensile strength of 20 (pounds) per square inch, elongation of 200% and dielectric of 9,000 volts. The Amazing Plumbing & Electrical Tape has a thickness of 8 mil and is available by the roll or in case-pack quantity of 24 rolls per case.” Farmers can buy the tape at the P.S. Manufacturing website.

If you need other types of tape made from PVC, manufacturer Duraco offers a variety of types via its website. For example, the company offers weather stripping and gasketing tapes in multiple thickness, widths, and order quantities. Other applications include roof curbs, vibration dampening, and truck-trailer assembly. For general bonding, the company sells Duraco Gold 9970®. It is a white PVC film carrier double-sided tape with excellence adhesion properties, according to Duraco.

Stanley offers a two-pack of PVC Electrical Tape, available at www.fleetfarm.com. The tape is flame retardant and weather resistant, VT18 suitable for less than 600V and 10-80 degrees Celsius. The same site sells a self-stick PVC camper mounting tape for truck campers from Frost King. It can also be used as extra-wide weather-seal tape.